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Join us for a colourful cause!

Heads Up Kids is excited to introduce our all-new Colour Carnival!  Children will have the opportunity to wear a colourful item of clothing to school in return for a £1 donation. All money raised will go directly to support the work that heads up Kids carries out in schools, providing social and emotional wellbeing programmes to primary school aged children.

Click here to find out about our exciting Colour Carnival!

Heads Up Kids

Heads Up Kids is a social and emotional wellbeing curriculum promoting positive mental health. The programmes for Reception through to Year 7 are delivered in the classroom by the class teacher.

We aim to provide high quality resources and increase access to wellbeing provision through our subsidised programmes. All of the programmes are mapped against PSHE requirements and can easily be slotted into any scheme of work.

Written by Andy Hugh and Claire Godley, the overall aim is to create a shared emotional language in the classroom. We believe that in a classroom where children have the words to express their feelings and feel confident to do so, those children will be more resilient, more able to solve problems, they will have more empathy for others and be better able to work collaboratively. 

We train teachers to facilitate the programmes in the classroom and embed wellbeing into the culture of the class. Teachers attend training and are then given access to the programmes and resources.

We believe that all teachers can be teachers of wellbeing.

“I can solve problems better because I have more options.”

Joshua, Year 4

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